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DSC_0209When I was growing up, I think I must have heard the words “I never pay retail” almost daily. Let this be my confession, I am the daughter of a serial bargain shopper. And while I have learned to appreciate the high quality and good value you get from many expensive things, I also admit that I love a great bargain; I guess it’s in the genes. However, the word bargain rarely crosses my mind or my lips when I consider buying?wine.

The opportunity to explore Grocery Outlet‘s wine section recently proved to be a fun and eye opening experience. Honestly, I’d not really considered Grocery Outlet when purchasing?wine. Maybe it’s due to my loyalty to Oregon’s small producers (or just my inner wine snob), but I now can safely recommend a stroll through Grocery Outlet to see what treasure you might uncover.

Though you might be raising your wine hackles right now, seething with speculation, swelling with scrutiny, nestled amongst the Outlet’s racks were intriguing bottles that might just soothe your inner inner sceptic?wines like Anderson Valley pinot noir, bordeaux from France, as well as Amarone and Valipolcella from Italy. ?And since most of these wines were marked down anywhere from 30%-60% off their retail value, at worst, even if the bottle isn’t the greatest wine you ever tasted, it will likely be an enjoyable and interesting experience. I invite you to keep an open mind.

With holiday parties around the corner, you can stock up on cases for your entertaining pleasure, and not feel like you’re breaking the bank. And with a big wine sale on top of their already reduced prices (November 4-10), now’s the time to make your move. Enter to win a Grocery Outlet $25 gift certificate below.

Inventory changes all the time and the good stuff won’t stay on the shelves for long, so if you see something interesting, take a chance and snatch it up. You might just discover your next favorite everyday wine at a fraction of the cost.

The following wines will be on sale in the Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada?markets:

Pine and Post Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Cline Zinfandel
Schlumberger Chardonnay
Wandering River Sauvignon Blanc
Hayes Ranch Zinfandel
Mission St Vincent Bordeaux RSV
Bedford Chardonnay
Goss Creek Red Blend Sonoma
Cathedral Creek Chardonnay
Villa Veneta Pinot Grigio
Red Autumn Chardonnay
Four Star Red

Enter here for your chance to win a $25 gift card to Grocery Outlet where you can take advantage of the great prices and see for yourself.

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great article about grocery outlet. they have a tasting coming up this saturday too. wines that are on sale .

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