Feast on This – Celebration samples hottest food, coolest drinks

From bacon to kale to pumpkin spice, we know when something catches on, we’ll see it on every menu, food blog, atop a doughnut or mixed into ice cream — Blue Star, Salt & Straw, I’m looking at you. But if you want to know what’s moving and shaking right now in the world of food and drink, look no further than this year’s Feast Portland.

For the double scoop on drink and food trends discovered at Feast Portland, read the entire article here on Oregon Wine Press.

Because Andina + Pinot Noir = Awesome Romancing the #Vine


FEAST is one of my favorite things of the year. We are so lucky to have such an amazing festival in our backyard!

Tamara Belgard

YES! I’m still in FEAST recovery! Until next year! 🙂

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