Aquaman to the Rescue

cocktailSummer in Portland has come early again this year. While most years, June still finds me dressed in my rain jacket and boots, this year I have?already?shed those garments, trading them in for a sundress and a nice healthy(?) tan. And as the weather heats up to atypical scorching temperatures, and you’re looking for magical methods of cooling down, this superhero is sure to become?your savior of cocktails.

Aquaman may have been the most underappreciated Justice League member, who even knows what his superpower was anyway? And, while Aquaman may not have been the coolest or most memorable of superheroes, THE Aquaman is definitely the coolest and most memorable drink you?ll ever come across. It’s the king of cocktails. The master of the mixed drink. You might even feel something like a superhero when you drink it (go on, try to communicate with underwater sea-life)? it may not make you swim faster, but at the very least, it will make you forget all about your stifling commute or the fact that you don?t have AC, or that the store is out of fans. What more can you really ask for? Come on, did you really think you’d acquire superhuman powers?

The anise and lime flavors of this cocktail are simply perfect for an evening cooling off on your deck, but if you?re thinking dinner, I recommend pairing it with Mexican food. Though Aquavit is traditionally a Scandavian spirit, the sweet and sour components of the cocktail work surprisingly well with salty fish tacos while at the same time rescuing you from the heat of a spicy salsa.

Mix yourself up a tall one, sit back, relax, watch the sweat dripping down the side of the glass and then let me know how Aquaman saved the world.


Serves 1

Fresh squeezed lime juice
Aquavit (I especially like Krogstad from House Spirits Distillery?based in Portland)
Simple Syrup (available ready made or whip up a batch of your own)

  1. Add 2 shots each of lime juice, Aquavit and simple syrup into a shaker with ice.?
  2. Shake and pour into a superhero serving glass.?
  3. Garnish with a twist of lime or a float of mint leaves.
  4. Sit back, cool off and let your secret identity take shape.
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