About Me

Food, travel, and a great drink; it’s what so many of us hunger for.

The feeling of discovery as we explore wineries and vineyards learning about the wines from a particular region or the science and art of the winemaking process. The feeling of contentment, as we lounge on a warm sandy beach with an exotic drink in hand. Or the excitement of wandering through the backstreets of Paris, seeking out an offbeat restaurant and encountering the most memorable meal ever.

Experiences like these can’t be recreated, sometimes you just need the setting, but, I hope to provide information and education about everything related to food, wine, and travel and it’s my utmost pleasure to bring so many of life’s joys together into one forum.

Read stories from the field as I explore wineries and vineyards, chefs and restaurants, and wonderful destinations and share what I discover. I’m WSET2 certified, and contribute to a variety of lifestyle and wine publications, including Northwest Travel and Life, Oregon Wine Press, Great Northwest Wines, The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, SIP Northwest,  Amtrak’s OnTrak, 1859 Magazine, Roots, the Oregon Wine Board magazine, and Portrait Portland.