WillaKenzie Gamay Noir – Even Pinot Lovers Will Love

For those who love Pinot Noir,?I give you WillaKenzie Estate Gamay Noir.

Gamay noir (primarily known as Beaujolais) is something like zinfandel, in that cheap, poorly made yet widely distributed versions have damaged our impressions of what should be a great wine. Let this wine?dispel any negative opinions you may have.

WillaKenzie 2012 Gamay Noir is notable with its bright and food friendly acidity, subtle minerality and fruity presence. Brandied sour cherries make the first impression while crushed raspberries and bacon (yes bacon!) sneak in from behind. Laced with an elegant yet subtle perfume of violets and the hypnotic aromas of cassis, the complexity is astounding.

A cross between pinot noir and gouais blanc, gamay noir is one of those varieties that is still flying under the radar, making it a more affordable alternative to its more grown up and sophisticated cousin (pinot noir). When it’s crafted like an honorable and traditional red Burgundy, the wines rich color, deep flavors and smooth tannins are elevated exactly as they should be.

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