Linfield University Opens Tasting Room and Learning Lab to Provide Real-World Wine Experiences to Students: Where Passion for Education and Wine are Intertwined

When Linfield University’s Department of Wine Studies learned that students had expressed interest in getting real world wine experience, they responded with the Acorn to Oak Wine Experience—one part wine bar, one part learning lab. 

Acorn to Oak is anything but an ordinary tasting room that opened to the public this fall in downtown McMinnville, Oregon, just a few blocks from the university that supports it. Founded by the Linfield University Center for Wine Education, it’s a place where Linfield University students can get the hands-on wine industry experience they’re looking for.

“The idea for Acorn to Oak Wine Experience germinated from students in the spring of 2022 during a feedback session I facilitated where they suggested the students want more real world experiential learning as opposed to just getting lectures from experts,” says Linfield Director of Wine Studies Tim Matz. “We took this, and with the huge support from president Davis, Dean Jennifer Madden and the Board of Trustees, created what we have today.” 

After they secured the location on historic 3rd Street, students and some local alumni led the effort in the tasting room design, the fixtures, the name, and the colors. “It is important for the university and community of McMinnville, as this can be… Read the complete story here on Wine Business Monthly.

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