Custom Crush Facility With a Big Mission: New AVP Wine Collective Helps Small Wineries Soar

A brand new winemaking and commercial wine storage facility opened in the Portland metro area aimed at helping experienced and start-up wineries with everything from crush to bottle. Founded by Carrie Wynkoop, AVP Wine Collective provides a well-organized, well-equipped custom crush winery with expert help and a supportive community.

Wynkoop is no stranger to Oregon wine. She ran Cellar 503, a wine club that curated wines from all of Oregon’s 21 wine regions, for the past decade. “I cherished my relationships with the over 200 small wineries throughout the state that were our winery partners,” Wynkoop said. 

Over the last few years, she was hearing from some of those winemakers that their biggest challenge was finding space to make wine. “Small winemakers are the backbone of Oregon wine,” Wynkoop said. “Sokol Blosser started out in someone’s garage. With the increasing quality and recognition of Oregon wine, the fewer options there were for small winemakers to get their start in a well-run, supportive space.”  

Hearing horror stories from small winemakers that the facilities they produced wine in were poorly run, poorly equipped, and where the winemakers felt undervalued as tenants or collaborators, Wynkoop thought she could do better. With her organizational and business experience, and her connections and passion for the small winemakers in the state, she believed she could make an impact by… Click here for the full story on Wine Business Monthly.

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