Celebrate! With Kramer Vineyards Sparkling M?ller Thurgau

kramerI’m going to let you in a little secret. Kramer Vineyard’s?Sparkling M?ller Thurgau. You can thank me later.

While?Champagne is typically a blend of pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meuniur, other sparkling wines can be from any number of grapes. Cava is made?primarily from a grape called?macabeu, while Prosecco is made from the?Italian white variety, glera. It’s not often, however, that you find a winery producing a sparkling wine from M?ller Thurgau, and totally rocking it, but that’s exactly what winemaker Kimberly Kramer at Kramer Vinyeards is doing.

Kramer Vineyard’s Celebrate!?M?ller Thurgau is all estate-grown fruit and 100% stainless steel fermented, which allows the brightness and clarity to shine like a holiday star and lift your spirits. The tropical flavors of the grape add unexpected interest and delight and the bubbles dance gracefully across your tongue.

At just $22 (winery price, I found it for under $20 at my local market), it’s perfect for holiday parties, impressive as hostess gifts or any cause you may have to celebrate (the weekend, breaking up with a partner?who didn’t deserve you? I’m sure you can find a good excuse reason).

Beyond the bubbly goodness, you’ll be treated to a luscious, dry-style sparkler with tastes and aromas of juicy apricot, mandarin oranges, sweet persimmon and crispy asian pear. Serve?with spicy food, oysters, popcorn, brunches, light dessert (like these Persimmon Drop Cookies), or just pour a glass and enjoy it all on its own. It’s totally worthy.

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