An Invasion of the Riesling Kind

Riesling is one of those wine varieties that gets under your skin, in a totally beautiful way, in the way it preoccupies your mind like the way a lover does, sparking something deep inside, and stirring your innermost senses. With stunning and perfume-like aromatics that can stop you in your tracks, riesling is also one of those varieties that also surprises you with its food-friendly diversity. Ranging in style from bone-dry to honey sweet and desserty, there’s a riesling?true to?every palate. And coming up very soon is the 2016 Riesling Invasion, your opportunity to journey through?so much riesling, you may finally understand why it’s considered a noble variety and why some experts have called it “The Best White Wine on Earth.”

On Saturday, July 23rd, 2016, from 5-9pm, Riesling will dominate Jacobsen Salt Company offering wines from more than 40 different producers. Visit the website for the complete list, and discover?how many different domestic producers in the Pacific Northwest?are crafting this cool-climate wine. Some wineries you may have note?even heard of?yet, like Sabella and Paetra. And as an added bonus, and giving tasters?something traditional to compare to, Dr. Loosen wines from Germany will be available for sampling as well.

Riesling is historically significant, dating back to the Rhine region of Germany in the 1400s, and is known well for being terrior-driven, which means it is expressive of and influenced by the region where it is grown. Grown in cooler climates like Austria and Alsace, it typically shows high acidity, allowing for favorable aging. Older vintages often display?smokey, honey, and petrol characteristics, which may not sound all that appealing (mostly the petrol),?but are?positively captivating. Though fruity, floral and delicious in their youth, the sweeter rieslings,?with their high sugar content, can be aged for 30 or more years.

Tickets for this unique tasting opportunity are just $30/advance ($35/at the door) and include tastings of over 100 rieslings, a commemorative Riedel glass, and a six-pack wine carrier to manage your purchases. Food from Chef Jesse Skiles of Brasica, Viking Soul Food, and the Wild Hunt will be available to purchase.

Purchase tickets here.

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