5Q Obscurity 2014 Pinot Blanc – A Total Head-Turner

I?ll be completely honest, I?m generally not a huge fan of Pinot Blanc (except in Cremant d’Alsace, but that’s another post). Typically, I find it to be either a bit austere or just?rather bland. Don’t get me wrong, I don?t dislike it, but I don?t generally seek it out either. Really, I guess I just don’t give it much thought at all. However, when I tasted this small production wine at the SE Wine Collective in Portland (one of my favorite hangouts), I knew I had a mind-changer?on my hands.

Pinot Blanc is a full bodied white grown all over the world. In Alsace France, a 100%?Pinot Blanc?is actually quite rare, it’s often blended with other more aromatic varieties like Auxerrois. There are a number of Oregon wineries that make a 100% pure Pinot Blanc, and 5Q is one of the best I’ve encountered.

5Q Obscurity 2014 Pinot Blanc– Full of bright and clean citrus that accentuate rather than overpower the glass, and subtle notes of apricot and orange blossom. The wine is well integrated, perfectly balanced and with just the right amount of acidity to make your mouth water, it’s?heavenly with seafood, asian food (especially something with a hint of spice), cheeses, fritattas, corn on the cob and even pastas with cream sauce.

I applaud this wine as it made me stand up and take notice of a wine variety I would normally pass over. Love. Love. Love. And you will too.

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