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Because Andina + Pinot Noir = Awesome

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Portland’s quintessential Peruvian restaurant rings in fall with this Pinot Noir dinner on Thursday, October 26th.

Explore Pinot noir from around the world while dining on Andina’s beloved Peruvian cuisine during this 3-course dinner celebrating harvest and the new fall wine releases. Resident Beverage Director, Drew Duggan has curated a selection of 40 pinot noirs that offer guests an opportunity to taste through the extensive offering while dining family-style on Peruvian tapas served  in the private event space above the restaurant. The menu includes some familiar Andina favorites, as well as other specialties created specifically for this dinner by Chef Dustin Koerner in collaboration with Peruvian-born Co-Owner Doris Rodriguez de Platt.

Wines include local favorites:
Ken Wright Cellars
Evening Land
St. Innocent
Furioso Vineyard
Antica Terra
Love & Squalor
Bethel Heights
Crown Vineyard
Day Wines
Elevée Winegrowers
Goodfellow Cellars
Sokol Blosser
Martin Woods
Lavinea Winery
Belle Pente
Gran Moraine

France fabulousness:
Charles Audoin, Marsannay
Andre Neveu, Sancerre
Allimant Laugner, Alsace
Domaine Faiveley, Chambolle Musigny
DeMontille, Volnay
Fournier, Gevrey Chambertin
Zusslin, Alsace
Serafin, Gevrey Chambertin
Desauney Bissey, Vosne Romanee
Louis Jadot, Pommard
& a few sparkling selections from Champagne

Other global delights:
Radio Coteau, Sonoma
Red Car, Sonoma
Mac Forbes, Australia
Montsecano, Chile
Luigi Bosca, Argentina
Vina Cono Sur 20 Barrel, Chile
Casa Del Bosque, Chile
Felton Road, New Zealand
Denario, Argentina

As well as a few surprises and additions the night of the dinner.

Passed Bocaditos
Yuquitas Rellenas
yuca croquetas stuffed with mozzarella and cotija cheese, served over huancaína sauce

Anticuchos de Pollo
marinated chicken kebobs, served with a spicy salsa de rocoto

Causitas moradas con Pulpo y Chimichurri
Grilled octopus causas served cold

Empanadas de Champiñones(Mushroom Empanadas)
flaky pastry stuffed with fresh mushrooms from the North West, onions, and mozzarella cheese served with salsa criolla

Arroz con Patoa
gourmet version of an iconic Peruvian dish; confit duck leg
paired with cilantro-infused rice, a savory-sweet passion fruit sauce and baby carrots

Quinotto “Chisaya Mama”
the Incas referred to quinoa as the mother of all grains –quinoa “risotto”
with Grana Padano cheese,  steamed quinoa, golden beets and local mushrooms

Panna Cotta de Café con Lúcuma
espresso panna cotta, with layers of lúcuma mousse and alfajor crumbles
topped with a whipped chocolate ganache

WHEN: Thursday, October 26th, 6pm
WHERE: Andina 1314 NW Glisan St., Portland, OR503-228-9535
DETAILS: The three-course dinner will cost $75 per person plus gratuity, and includes tastings of the different pinot noirs.  Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at 503-228-9535.

Feast Portland

Feast on This – Celebration samples hottest food, coolest drinks

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From bacon to kale to pumpkin spice, we know when something catches on, we’ll see it on every menu, food blog, atop a doughnut or mixed into ice cream — Blue Star, Salt & Straw, I’m looking at you. But if you want to know what’s moving and shaking right now in the world of food and drink, look no further than this year’s Feast Portland.

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cluster of grapes

Romancing the #Vine

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Yeah, read it into it what you will, a reader always does. But I will remind you, it’s about the vine. It always is.


He stands before her
She is naked
All life and limbs
His hot breath on her bare extremities
Cuts the chill of the biting morning air
She quivers

He stands before her
Coaxing from her
Gentle beauty
She grows
She develops
All the promise of the future

He savors each moment with her
As if it’s their last
He’s tender
He loves her
Sees things in her no other sees

He persuades her
Tugs her
Pulls her
Supports her
Tucks her in
He moves her
And she surrenders to his will
Letting him guide her
To where he wants her to bo

He stands before her
His strong and agile hands
Fondling her
Her juicy flesh
Her plump fruit
And she does what she must
She submits
She succumbs

He stands before her
Charming her
Encouraging her
He wants her to finish
Hopeful of her potential
He picks
He plucks
He casts her off
Leaves her to be savored by others

She stands alone
A shell of what she once was
And she thinks only of him
He who allowed her to be

She retreats into herself
She wonders if he even remembers
Knowing he only thinks about the next
As she prepares to give all of herself
To her love

orange wine

Orange Crush: Skin-contact whites color harvest season and cellar

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As the leaves turn and pumpkins ripen on the vine, the color orange reigns. Even the Harvest Moon casts a tangerine hue as the autumnal equinox approaches. Unlike the calculated timing of the season, some orange wines are best described as “accidents gone deliciously right.” No surprise for owner Matt Berson of Love & Squalor, who says, “Isn’t that the prevailing thread in the history of wine?”

Produced from white wine grapes using the red technique of fermenting fruit along with skin and seeds — the source of a wine’s color — orange wine represents a category all its own, with texture, weight and a broad palate of character as its trademarks. Not to be confused with rosé, traditionally crafted from red varietals such Pinot Noir, Grenache and Tempranillo, orange wine is most commonly made from Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer, whose grapes are actually pink in color.

Back to the scene of the “accident.” (Read the rest of the article here at the Oregon Wine Press.)